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'Tout voir, tout entendre,  ne perdre aucune idée', Evariste 

    Galois, 29/Oct/1831

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Fallen In Love

In the spring of 1832 Galois prison term came to an untimely and unexpected end. One of the worst world-wide raging cholera epidemics had arrived in France and was taking the lives of many people all over France. Especially poor people, due to the bad hygenic conditions they lived in, fell prey to the terrible disease. The prisoners in Sainte-Pélagie were also in jeopardy, so the officials decided to transfer the youngest and those in bad health to a clinic. In this clinic, called after the owner Faultrier, he met Stéphanie, the daughter of Jean-Louis Poterin-Dumotel, one of the doctors. It's hard to recover the kind of relationship the two have been in. But from what is left of two letters, which he had received of her, we can be sure, that he was desparately in love with her. We don't know, if there has been a love affair or if she had turned him down immediately, but it looks as if her refusal was one of the main reason for his tragic death.

Written by Bernard Bychan; Last Modified: September 15, 2017

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