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'Tout voir, tout entendre,  ne perdre aucune idée', Evariste 

    Galois, 29/Oct/1831

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Biographical Links

  • The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
  • A marvelous site from the University of St. Andrews, Scottland. A huge collection of biographies about famous mathematicians. There is hardly any one missing!
  • Galois' biography at MacTutor

  • Tony Rothman's Article on Evariste Galois
  • Tony Rothman's article "Genius and Biographers: The Fictionalization of Evariste Galois" is both a biography of Evariste Galois and a critical comparision other biographers' works. He uncovered lots of mistakes and misleading legends about Galois.
  • The Engines of Our Ingenuity: E. Galois
  • Go to this site, if you want to listen to Galois story, but it's quite simplified and wouldn't satisfy Rothman's standards.
  • Periodic Table of Mathematicians
  • Tip: You find Evariste Galois in the forth line as the element (Ge) beside of (Ga, Gaus) and (As, Appolonius)

    Links to the Galois theory

  • Andreas Caranti's Website
  • Andreas Caranti wrote a splendid introduction into the Galois theory in Italian.
  • Joerg Bewersdorff Website
  • Joerg Bewersdorff wrote a magnificent and easy to understand - at least if you know German -introduction into the Galois theory.
  • James Milne's Site
  • On James Milne's site you can find his well written course notes "Fields and Galois Theory".
  • Wilkin's Site
  • The lecture notes for course 311 (Abstract algebra), taught at Trinity College, Dublin, in the academic year 2001-02

    Biographical Links without comments

  • A Website in Romanian on Evariste Galois by Maria Matrescu

  • BBC biography

  • Evariste Galois stamps

  • Galois Schweigen (Galois' silence), Novel about Galois

  • Bernard Bychan
  • Not about Galois but nevertheless interesting

  • Misuse (or even abuse) of Mathematics, lying with statistics (in German)

  • Lots of interesting information about the art of lying with statistics.

  • Literatur und Wissenschaft

  • Problems and Solutions: Mathematics (German)

  • Problems and Solutions: Linux (German)

  • German Site about the Etruscans (Etrusker)

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